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Welcome to our latest cohort!

We’ve been rapidly expanding the team of ‘Deskers here at head office in Richmond (Melbourne, Australia). So much so that we’ve had to take on additional office space!…If only we could actually use it at the moment.

Our latest cohort of Grantley, Neeti, Steve, Ming and Dana cover a broad range of areas including engineering, product, growth, QA and customer success. We’ll be introducing our new hires properly in upcoming posts but for now it’s a big welcome to new crew!

In addition to a growing team we’ve been very busy (remotely) working on some awesome new product enhancements. This includes shipping several new integrations (Adobe Sign, anyone?) and workflows but the most exciting is our brand-spanking-new Enterprise Ordering Platform. While it’s under beta at present and will be launching to market later this month, we think this is going to be a game-changer in enterprise B2B supply and ordering and can’t wait to show you more.

So welcome again to our new starters and look out for our next update highlighting Devicedesk’s Spring product roadmap.

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