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Grow B2B revenue even in challenging economic environments.

Grow B2B revenue and gain three major advantages with Knead. Bring the ease and intuitiveness of consumer eCommerce to B2B orders quickly and easily and make sales and service orders free-flowing.

The economic landscape is getting harsher for businesses. Most analysts predict that factors like inflation, consumer confidence, interest and unemployment rates will adversely impact the operating environment for businesses well into 2023 and beyond.

Shrinking budgets challenge us to do more with existing resources and B2B vendors must shift from siloed programs for increasing revenue to whole of business revenue enablement that better connects and enables people, process and technology. Internal operations must be separate enough to function with integrity and connected enough to allow the free flow of information and execution.

The tech proliferation of previous years will morph into consolidation to reduce complexity and cost. Yet we have to balance this against the need to meet and exceed customer expectations across different channels and market segments.

Gain these 3 major advantages with MACH architecture:​




Key features include:

Live the integrated life.

Integrated workflows mean orders remain frictionless for buyers and fulfillers. Reduce complexity and cost by managing the entire order lifecycle through Knead. Configure workflows to engage appropriate people and systems for order placement, fulfillment and management. In addition to integrations for systems like Adobe Sign and DocuSign, proven integrations exist for commonly used finance, ERP and Service Management systems.

Grow revenue with integration
Grow revenue with omni-channel

Our interface, or yours. It doesn't matter.

Go headless! Knead consolidates system management and removes complexity by supporting omni-channel front ends. We become the catalogue and order workflow engine, but not the user interface, instead, taking data from and feeding data back, to multiple front ends. Improve the buyer experience by letting them use the channel that best suits them, keeping system admin simple and fulfillment processes consistent.

Everyone stays in the loop.

Remove hold-ups due to delays in information transfer, keep everyone informed at all times and convert orders to cash faster. Knead enables multi-way communication, in real-time, between buyers, fulfillers, management and systems to keep orders flowing freely for the entire order lifecycle.

Grow revenue and work from anywhere with 2 way communication

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