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Built on MACH architecture principles, our platform offers the key elements that allow B2B vendors to thrive in increasingly challenging environments.

Knead is how your customer, employee and digital experiences are seamlessly united. An overlay platform that connects your existing systems, using your unique business rules to deliver exceptional whole of business experience for every person who is involved in buying, fulfilling or managing your product and service orders.

What is MACH architecture?

MACH architecture removes the complexity and rigidity that accompanies traditional monolithic technology. Instead of technology, focus shifts to adaptability, agility and composability – basically, freedom to pick and mix till you get the solution that is just right.


Each piece of functionality is independently developed and deployed. You invest only in the functionality you need, and you’re free to choose best-of-breed.

API First

Functionality is designed, developed and tested to ensure interoperability. ​ This enables rapid deployment and the flexibility to add or remove functionality as required.

Cloud Native

Services hosted and managed in the cloud for scalability on demand, redundancy and painless upgrades.


Separate front and backends for the ultimate in experience customisation and management! Use channel-specific frontends for website, app, social, apply different branding and display region or customer-specific information.

Gain these 3 major advantages with MACH architecture:​




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