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Make omni-channel easy with Devicedesk.

​Give buyers the freedom to choose how they buy.

The B2B selling landscape has changed forever. Omni-channel ​buying experiences give the ease and visibility in B2B transactions as buyers get with their personal online shopping. An intuitive digital or hybrid sales channel is the key to staying relevant for B2B vendors, but not every eCommerce platform rises to the challenge.

Devicedesk is purpose-built to help B2B vendors create an intuitive and connected digital experience for buyers. In addition to standard eCommerce functionality, challenges specific to B2B vendors such as multi-tier and multi-market pricing, complex catalogue management, balance between self-service and assisted ordering and integration with backend systems have been resolved.

For B2B vendors, the competitive advantage often lies in the unique way you approach common industry problems. Devicedesk is highly configurable. Matching system operation to your unique business rules and processes has never been more effortless.

Key omni-channel features include:

Omni-channel makes your business 24x7.

Give your buyers control over how and when they shop. Buyers can create an account or log in with an existing account to get quotes, place orders and manage their account information.

Omni-channel business 24x7
Grow revenue with omni-channel

Bundles of joy.

Simplify the buying experience by grouping products that relate to or depend on each other, increasing order placement speed. This also reduces the need for assisted orders and eases the load on customer support teams.

Cash is king.

Keep orders flowing with multiple payment options. Credit card, PO, lease or hire purchase options are all possible. We can configure preset or flexible monthly payment options which handle different terms, financing costs etc. automatically and tie these to different order parameters e.g. minimum order threshold if required.

Omni-channel payments
Omni-channel global eCommerce

Go global, today.

Reduce system complexity through advanced pricing management. Devicedesk easily handles pricing matrices driven by different starting prices in other markets for the same product, currency differences, etc. This negates the requirement for dedicated sites per region, customer, etc. and reduces system management overheads.

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